Exkursion der Fachhochschule Bochum - Einblicke in den täglichen Betrieb

Excursion of the master course of the HS Bochum at sigma3D

During an excursion, the master's program in geodesy was able to gain an insight into the daily work at sigma3D.

sigma3D and the University of Applied Sciences Bochum look back on a long-lasting cooperation. For years, some students of the HS Bochum, who do not feel like working in an office or planning office, take the opportunity and complete their internship or thesis at the company.

For sigma3D itself, it is exciting to see how measurement science has changed and developed over the years and appreciate the trust that is placed in them as a company by the university as well as the professors and students.

As a highlight of the trip, the students were able to bring an object of their choice, which was then measured together in the in-house measuring room. Particularly challenging was a salt crystal they had brought along, which was not easy to measure because of its delicate structure. However, the results positively surprised everyone present.

"We are always happy when we can show the fascination of measurement technology to a new generation!" said Managing Director Frank Mönsters about the excursion.