Industrial 3D measurement around the world

Example of industrial 3D measurement in automotive engineering

Obtain meaningful measurement data of your industrial plants, machines and products - worldwide and in the shortest possible time! Our field-tested team offers you all the advantages of mobile 3D measurement technology for efficient production, manufacturing and quality assurance.

Together with you we plan all necessary measurement tasks to guarantee a fast and successful measurement on site.

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Fast 3D measurement in the measuring room

Example image for 3D measurement of a car door in the measuring room

Simply send in small and medium-sized components and receive meaningful measurement reports and 3D data within the shortest possible time?

We offer you the full range of professional measurement services in our in-house measurement room with specialized 3D measurement technology: for quality control, reverse engineering, 3D printing and rapid prototyping.

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Complete 3D data for large objects and plants

Example image for 3D measurement technique of laser scanning

A scanning process on site lasting only a few minutes - and you already have highly precise 3D data of buildings, plants or machines. With the help of the 3D measurement technology of terrestrial laser scanning, we can measure all structures visible from the ground with a measuring point distance of up to 1.5 mm!



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Individual software solutions for industrial measurement technology

Example image for software development in 3D measuring

No matter what challenge you face in the field of industrial measurement technology: We develop individual and user-friendly software solutions for you, with which you can achieve your measurement tasks and measurement goals permanently and precisely.

Benefit from our in-depth expert knowledge in mobile measurement technology paired with agile development methods!

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