A) You have fixed ideas about what you need

  • Please let us know the manufacturer, model and the other required rental options (tripod, software, accessories) by e-mail.
  • When and for how long do you need the measuring system?
  • We will send you the measuring instrument just-in-time at the required time.
  • They'll send it back after the measurements are completed.

B) You need assistance in choosing the right measuring instrument

  • For which application (measuring volume, measuring accuracy) do you need the measuring system?
  • Do you have your own measuring personnel who can operate the measuring instruments or do you need training?
  • We would also be pleased to deliver the measuring device to you personally and carry out a briefing / commissioning together with you. On request also over 1-2 days, until the safe handling of the system is guaranteed and you can carry out your measurements yourself.
  • Do you already use measurement software in your company?
  • Where is the device needed?
  • When is the device needed?
  • How should the goods be shipped?

Delivery and return can be carried out both by us and by you.

Each measuring system is equipped with a so-called basic hardware. This makes it possible to carry out simple measurements. Measurement software and accessories are not yet included.

Depending on the customer's requirements, we equip the measuring instruments with additional accessories, such as special targets, measuring adapters, tripods, measuring software or "training courses".

A detailed list of our measuring software and accessories can be found below...

We rent out all types of equipment that we can also use and recommend in our daily 3D measurement service:


Laser Tracker

  • FARO: ION, Vantage, Vantage E
  • Leica: LTD, AT401, AT402, AT901 with T-Probe, AT960-MR with T-Probe, AT960-MR with T-Scan 5

Measuring arms (Faro, 6- and 7-axes, max. measuring length 3600 mm)

  • Titanium, Platinum, Edge with LaserLineProbe (LLP), Quantum with LLP

Photogrammetric measuring systems (DPA Aicon, various cameras)

Laser Scanner (Faro Fokus3D S150)

GOM ATOS III Strip Light Projection Digitalization System

Laser Line Probe HD

Leica TDRA 6000 precision total station

Laser Tracer (eTALON)

Polyworks ( Probing, Inspector, Modeler)

Spatial Analyzer (Basic, Ultimate+CAD)

CAM2 Measure

CAM2 Automotive

Metrolog XG or Metrolog XG for Leica

Leica AXYZ with LT and TDA modules

FARO Insight

SolidWorks Engineering Software

Design X

GOM Inspect



TRAC-Check, TRAC-CAL - PTB calibration software

OpenIndy - Software for industrial surveying

OpenIndy RoboCalc -Software for measuring industrial robots


Targets / Measuring balls / Measuring probes

  • FARO SMR / plx BMR / Leica CCR / TBR
  • 1,5" / 7/8" / 0,5"
  • Triple mirror / glass prism / window targets
  • T-Probe
  • Retro Probe


  • Industrial tripods (BRUNSON Heavy Duty Metrology Stands) from 0.9 to 1.8m
  • Mobile tripods 1.1 to 1.4m
  • Tripod extensions up to 4m (250mm / 500mm / 1000mm single lengths)
  • magnetic base

Measurement Adapter

  • DriftNests / Reference points
  • Wall points with protective cover
  • Bottom points retractable with screw-on protective cover
  • PinNester / bore measuring adapter 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
  • Corner and Edge Adapter
  • special adapter

Photogrammetry Measuring Marks

  • Retro or standard brands
  • Coded photogrammetry marks, 14 bit code, 5mm, 8mm, 12mm

Measuring Computer DELL Laptop PC with pre-installed measuring software