3D-Vermessung eines Gehäuses mit einem Lasertracker

3D metrology on site

Mobile surveying at the customer's site, worldwide

There are many good reasons for using mobile 3D metrology systems in industrial quality assurance. But what are the reasons for working with an external 3D measurement services specialist?

The answer is a perfect combination of experienced expertise, application competence and modern mobile 3D metrology.


We provide - for the perfect interaction.

Our modern 3D measuring technology ensures fast and flexible solutions in the field of tool and fixture construction. With tactile measuring methods, fixtures from approx. 1 m² to approx. 6 m x 3 m x 2 m can be measured economically. For smaller injection moulding tools and moulds, optical measuring methods are mainly used.

The direct CAD connection ensures a fast target/actual comparison against freeform shapes or geometric elements.

  • Setting up, checking and adjusting fixtures (e.g. FEMI production equipment for aircraft construction, framers/geo fixtures, welding and clamping fixtures for the automotive industry).
  • Complete measurement of production lines in automotive and aircraft construction
  • Marking of predefined points on components or workpieces (e.g.  B. welding studs, welding spots, adhesive beads)
  • Robot gripper measurement
  • As-is recording of body-in-white plants in the automotive sector incl. documentation of inserts and target/actual comparison to current data status

So that robots know - what they do.

The static and dynamic characteristics of robots are defined in ISO standards. Using 3D measurements with mobile measuring devices, these parameters can be determined for each robot type on site at the robot's location.

On this basis, deviations can be detected on site and corrected by subsequent calibration. The result: successful production - without loss of performance.

  • robot base measurement
  • Alignment of the 7th axis of a robot
  • Robot cell calibration
  • Calibration by point grid and look-up-table
  • Robot inspection according to DIN ISO 9283
  • Determination of Denavit-Hartenberg (DH) parameters
  • Measuring robot grippers
  • Inspection of industrial robots according to ISO standard
  • Dynamic surveying

To learn more, click here: https://www.sigma3d.de/en/services/measurement-of-industrial-robots/

We take care - of the state of affairs.

The implementation of the planning specifications for machine construction and conversion takes place in the interaction between assembly personnel and measuring personnel.

By choosing the right measuring technology paired with application knowledge, 3D and 6D positioning tasks of machines and systems can be solved economically and efficiently.

  • Construction of integrated production plants
  • Adjustment of rail systems
  • Inspection and adjustment of machines
  • Setting up mobile processing machines
  • Metrological support for the relocation of plants
  • Determination of the position and orientation of plant components
  • Alignment of roller machines
  • Measurement of rolling mills
  • Axis alignment
  • Setting up components
  • Testing of machine tools according to ISO230


Our measuring method - ensures smooth transitions.

In the continuous casting process, the slab is transported over the entire metallurgical length by individual segments, which support the roller carpet, and is transferred from the circular arc to a straight line. The measuring task within the system consists of aligning the entire roller carpet to its target values (specified by the casting radius). Assuming that the rollers within a segment are correctly aligned, the task is reduced to positioning the segments within the plant.

The particular challenges in this measuring task are the high accuracies required (~ 0.1 mm) and the difficult environmental conditions within a continuous casting plant and, last but not least, the short downtimes available for measurement.

sigma3D has developed, realized and tested a measuring concept for the measurement of continuous casting plants in cooperation with a well-known supplier of continuous casting plants.

  • Quality assurance and optimization of continuous casting plants
  • Alignment of the entire roller carpet to target values


  • Short measuring time of 16 h for the complete measurement of an SGA (approx. 13 segments plus ingot mould)
  • No opening of the upper frames necessary
  • Reliable results and proven measuring accuracy (0.2 mm) thanks to a redundant measuring method and integrated measuring concept
  • Reduced adjustment effort due to self-referencing algorithm when comparing the roll setpoint/actual position.

Dimensional stability - with state-of-the-art measuring technology.

Inline measuring systems are used for production monitoring in modern automotive engineering. With these systems, dimensional deviations on the body can be proven by 100% inspection. Due to external influences such as temperature, stability of the structure, vibrations, etc., the inline measuring systems are subject to long-term trends that lead to high deviations. This means that the measurement data must be compared by correlation measurements with measurements on a CMM, or the system must be checked regularly by suitable test equipment monitoring. Inline measuring systems are checked efficiently and traceably by means of mobile measuring technology!

  • Inline measuring systems in automotive engineering
  • Absolute measurement of 1D and 2D sensors into the vehicle coordinate system
  • Test equipment monitoring of inline measuring systems
  • Inline correlation measurements on the component
  • Feedback of inline measurement technology
  • Calibrate bogie test bench
  • Testing of coordinate measuring machines
  • sensor calibration
  • Measurement of reference point fields

For us - an absolutely attractive task.

Particle accelerators are large devices in which charged particles are accelerated to high speeds by electric fields. Depending on the type of particle and accelerator, the accelerated particles reach almost the speed of light. A particle accelerator essentially consists of deflection and focusing magnets that direct the accelerated particle beam along a previously calculated path.

These magnets can be up to several meters long and weigh several tons. The exact positioning of the magnets with a tolerance of 0.1 mm to 0.2 mm is achieved with Lasertrackers and Precision Levels.

  • Measurement of measuring points on components
  • Overdetermined network measurements
  • Adjustment of magnets and diagnostic chambers


We transfer the digital world into reality.

In the assembly of new production plants in the automotive and aircraft industries, the staking out of hall layouts using 3D measuring technology is an integral part of an efficient assembly process. Our work not only reduces assembly and start-up times for a new or improved manufacturing system, but also significantly increases planning reliability. The 3D data is transferred from the CAD system to the measuring software and staked out on site using modern measuring systems. The next execution step takes place immediately after completion of the work.

  • Staking out of plant layouts
  • Stakeout of machine axes
  • Foundation elevation in position and height
  • Data preparation and preparation