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3D scan: reverse engineering with optimal results

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Professional 3D reverse engineering with optimal results

You need professionally created 3D data for your project? We scan products, tools and components, production machines and vehicles as well as complete buildings and halls for you and generate precise 3D data from them!

We scan your objects in our in-house sigma3D measuring room or on site in your production facility or quality department - and provide you with fast and accurately digitized data in 3D. Reverse engineering requires individual data, depending on the complexity, which we generate according to your requirements regarding dimensions, shape and consistency using highly accurate scans. For example, for the parametric construction of 3D CAD models, 3D reverse engineering of surfaces or simulation models for the purpose of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). We reproduce your design with the original construction intention and functionality 100 percent!

The result: a highly accurate geometric capture for 3D reverse engineering with fast and economical results. Possible fields of application are testing, copying or documenting products, creating data for 3D printing or planning design-related changes to products.

Uniform 3D data, faster processes, lower costs - we support you with our 3D scan reverse engineering so that you receive decisive components of a more efficient production and manufacturing and gain competitive advantages!

Do you have any questions about the process and technology or about 3D scan reverse engineering in general? Please contact us!


Your advantages at a glance

  • Professional and precise 3D scan: reverse engineering with fully usable data of your original object
  • Uncomplicated new designs based on measurement data
  • Data provision in all common CAD models and formats
  • Parametric construction of a 3D CAD solid
  • Surface reconstruction of free-form surfaces (surface and solid models from NURBS)
  • Simulation models (DMU, FEM, CFD, CAM) for Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)


The aim of reverse engineering is to recreate the original "blueprint" from an existing object or entire system.

However, while small objects can still be moulded in the conventional way using plaster, objects over 3 metres in size have to be measured by hand by several people in a time-consuming process. And in the case of buildings or large complex machines, this is often impossible.

Our professional 3D scan with subsequent reverse engineering makes all of this possible digitally, with uncomplicated execution and significantly less personnel and time expenditure. By successfully reverse engineering your products and components, we restore all original data on form, structure and function - in the form of a virtual 3D model.

The scanning process generates complete and highly precise data in 1:1 and, depending on the object, with an accuracy of at least 1/10 millimeter, often even in the range of a few hundredths of a millimeter. You will receive the scan data from us immediately after the scanning process in our measuring room or on your premises by download. We provide you with all 3D reverse engineering data in the desired CAD format. This allows you to integrate them directly into your processes and to analyze and further process them in your in-house CAD software!

Digitization including 3D reverse engineering

In the course of the digitization through our 3D scan, we can perform the reverse engineering directly afterwards with the help of professional software solutions.

In the case of free-form surfaces, we first convert the point cloud created by our 3D scan into polygonal surfaces and then into Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline surfaces (NURBS surfaces for short). Finally, we provide you with the finished NURBS surface model in the desired data format for your CAD system. However, if you need 3D models based on solids instead of NURBS surfaces, for example in order to design suitable casting cores or casting tools in the next step, we will align the reverse engineering accordingly. With successful 3D surface reverse engineering, you have the ideal data basis for all technical fields of application!


Automotive, aviation, industry, crafts, art - we have been creating 3D scans with subsequent reverse engineering for customers from a wide range of industries and sectors for many years. The tasks of our measurement team range from scanning simple objects to complex constructions that require a high level of engineering knowledge.

There are a number of application areas for 3D reverse engineering where you can benefit from our experience and know-how and count on fast and reliable results:


Product testing

If you want to check the quality and usability of your products and components, everything speaks for a 3D scan. Actual and target geometries can be easily compared for the purpose of quality inspection, the actual status of products and tools can be efficiently recorded and even the further production suitability of a "crashed" machine can be reliably determined.


Changing the design of products

If you want to change or expand the design of your product or machine, we can make your work much easier and faster with a 3D scan. In this case, subsequent reverse engineering with complete 3D data is an optimal basis for your planned design.


Obtaining data for 3D printing and copying

3D printing is a versatile manufacturing method in industry, research, model making and art. Here we support you in the area of 3D reverse engineering in the creation of 3D data for the production or reproduction of your prototypes, samples, tools and models. On the same data basis, products can also be copied as often as desired using other manufacturing methods.


Open up new customer groups

Depending on your business field, 3D reverse engineering can be a way for you to win new customers. For large parts that cannot be measured by hand, you can use our 3D scan to obtain a data basis for the first time: You can use this to develop molds of larger parts for your end customers, for which there is demand - such as for the purpose of modifications or reproductions.


3D data for documentation

Products, machines, constructions or entire buildings - for all types of documentation there is a simple answer: 3D scanning. The use of precise 3D data and individual measurement protocols is the ideal solution for complete and timeless documentation.


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