Reverse Engineering

Your original component as a CAD model.

In the modern industrial manufacturing process, already manufactured objects are subjected to reverse engineering, since in many cases exact or even original CAD data is missing due to age or origin. Reverse engineering can save a lot of time and money because it delivers fast and economical results through highly accurate geometric capture. We capture your design models, prototypes and tools and convert them into the desired format to meet your dimension, shape and consistency requirements. Based on the digitized data of your component or tool, we create CAD data for you that does not lose the design - i.e. the original design intention and functionality. If you need 3D data of a component, you have come to the right place. We scan the object and deliver the 3D data to you quickly, accurately and in the desired CAD format.

  • Complete recording of the original component
  • parametric structure of a 3D CAD solid
  • New design of individual parts on the basis of measurement data
  • Reverse Engineering of freeform surfaces (surface and solid models from NURBS)
  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) (simulation models - DMU, FEM, CFD, CAM)