20 Years of Mobile 3D Metrology - Anniversary Logo

20 years of sigma3D!

Twenty years for the company means growing from a team of three to a team of fifty.

During this time, the entire team has carried out more than 12,000 projects! The longest customer relationship is with the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, where the managing directors have personally measured since before the company was founded.

The sigma3D service portfolio, starting with 3D laser tracker measurements, has been steadily expanded over the years. Growing as a company also means growing with its employees. The first employees started at the end of 2001 and steadily expanded the company's portfolio together with the company.

The first employees shape the company most clearly, and the company is proud that most of them are still there! The desire and curiosity to try out new measurement techniques have always driven the company forward.

"We still love what we do and we're looking forward to what's next!" says Managing Director Heiko Paluszek.