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3D scan to parametric CAD

ScanCamera and ScanArm

Modelling of parametric surface and solid data.

The everyday question is: "Can the scan data be saved in a CAD model? Based on the scan data, a parametric CAD model or a free-form surface-based CAD model can be generated. What is important to convert scan data into useful CAD geometry?


When a fully editable (parametric) CAD model is required, the designer uses the point cloud as a reference for building the model, especially if the model is completely built from scratch in any CAD environment.


Each step in building a CAD model depends on the design intent. This information is needed by an experienced designer to create a complete model, which should include the exact shape, dividing lines, slopes, fillets and the construction tree, so that the model can be modified later.


The result is a fully parametric surface or solid model in native format. The generated surfaces lie with a high accuracy on the scan data and thus reflect the real object precisely. The CAD models can be further processed without restriction.


The answer to the question "Can the 3D scan data be saved in a CAD model?

No scanning technology offers the possibility to convert a point cloud into a CAD model (at least not yet). Some CAD programs speed up the process of developing a parametric model, but the process is not complete.

It is important to work with an engineering firm that has extensive knowledge of complex modelling techniques. It is equally important to cooperate with a partner who knows the further production steps from his own experience - machining technology, tool design, rapid prototyping, prototype construction. This knowledge guarantees you to get a file that works.

sigma3D calls it: Geometry you can trust.