ScanKamera beim 3D-Scan eines Gehäuses mit einem Streifenlichtprojektor.

Scan camera

The measuring system is a high-resolution optical digitizer that provides fast and precise three-dimensional measurement data. The 3D scan camera consists of a measuring head with two digital cameras, which observe a projected stripe pattern at a spatial angle. The two cameras record the object to be measured from different directions in individual measurement sequences. Measuring marks are used as control points on the object to align the individual measuring sequences with each other. Within a few seconds, the 3D coordinates of several thousand object points are measured and stored for each measurement sequence. A probe combines the optically measured point cloud with tactile 3D measurements of individual measuring points. This enables the selective measurement of areas that are difficult to access optically as well as the measurement of control geometries.

Measuring volume:

The intelligent combination of our measuring systems enables the measurement of small parts, such as mobile phone shells, up to complete aircraft. Depending on the application, the measuring field of the 3D scan camera can be adapted to the measuring task by using different base lengths and/or lenses.

Accuracy of measurement:

We adapt to your tolerance requirements, 0.02 mm to 0.06 mm for complex small parts and 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm for larger objects. The measuring accuracy is essentially dependent on the selected measuring field size.


For the optical measurement with the strip light projection system we use the software GOM Inspect Professional. For the quality control we use the software PolyWorks. We use Design X especially for the reconstruction of parametric models in mechanical engineering. We have a network of experienced designers in the CAD systems CatiaV5, ProE and UG for the individual solution of your inquiries.

Data exchange:

The data exchange can take place via e-mail, Odette data transfer or ftp transfer. Alternatively, it is of course also possible to send by post and CD data carrier. The latest measurement technology, software and our expertise offer you a highly accurate digital truth.