3D-Laserscanner an Krantraverse mit Magnetfuß befestigt.

3D laser scanner

With a terrestrial laser scanner, large objects can be recorded very precisely in a very short time. It contains a very fast rotating mirror and a motor, which generates a rotation around the standing axis. The rotating mirror serves as a transmitting and receiving unit for the emitted laser beams. Thus the measurement can be carried out according to your wishes with the rotation speed. Due to the long range of the laser scanner and the fast sampling rate, the point clouds generated for each position can be generated quickly. The individual points of view are aligned to each other with the help of reference targets and linked to form a total point cloud. The reference targets can be determined in advance in order to deliver the measurement data in a superordinate coordinate system that meets your requirements.

Measuring volume:

There are no limits to the measuring volume due to the possibility of linking any point of view with each other. Whether smaller components, individual rooms, a yacht or an entire industrial plant are to be accommodated, does not matter for this measuring system. With a range of 0.6 - 120 m, a field of view in horizontal position of 360° and vertical position of 305° we are able to scan every visible object in the room.

Accuracy of measurement:

By using different measuring instruments and a good choice of position, high measuring accuracies can be achieved. The measuring system has a systematic distance error of +/- 2 mm and a measuring noise of < 1 mm at 25 m measuring distance.


The raw point clouds are evaluated and checked with the software FARO Scene. The program can export and import various point cloud formats. This makes it easy to load the data into AutoCAD or Polyworks for additional evaluations. If a point cloud is to be created for documentation purposes only, we can forward the project data to you on a web-based basis. State-of-the-art measurement technology, software and our expertise offer you a highly accurate digital truth.