FARO Focus laser scanner - device setting

With the FARO FOCUS laser scanner, various measurement parameters can be set.
What we have always asked ourselves, however, is how the settings of the quality levels affect our scans.
We have carried out a small test on this.

For background:
The "Quality" parameter in the device settings affects the observation time and thus changes the recording time in the quality level.

1x = 1µs
2x = 2µs
3x = 4µs
4x, 6x, 8x = 8µs

In the experiment, many different scans were made from the same unit position in the in-house measuring room. In addition, a panel with different reflector foils was measured from different angles.

For this test, the qualities 2x, 3x and 4x were considered. The qualities 6x and 8x were not considered due to the very long scan duration.

Our conclusion:

  •     Increasing the scan quality does not lead to a much improved measurement result, as initially expected.
  •     A reduced measurement noise on planes is also hardly noticeable.
  •     Increasing the quality level only makes sense with reflective objects or possibly poor ambient conditions.
  •     With regard to the formation of scan artefacts, there are only minor differences between the quality levels.