Faro and sigma3D at the Mainz site testing the new Faro 6DoF probe

Professional dialogue with Faro

Last week, FARO's long-time sigma3D partners Markus Nix and Peter Hinze visited the Mainz location. The purpose of the meeting was an exchange of experiences and the presentation of the respective innovations.

Mr Nix and Mr Hinze brought the new FARO Laser tracker 6DoF Probe with them. The 6DoF Probe was not launched until the end of 2020 and sigma3D is already looking forward to testing the measuring device.

In return, the sigma3D software development team presented the OpenIndy measurement software. OpenIndy is an open-source measurement software that was developed a few years ago and is now used by all employees in their daily work.

The tests with the 6DoF Probe so far look promising. The internal practical tests show that the new 6DoF Probe fulfils the sigma3D requirements for handling and accuracy. It will soon be released for the first 6DoF projects and will be shortlisted for the next procurement.