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Measuring software for industrial usage

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"We at sigma3D develop modern software for tomorrow's measurement technology in a dynamic team with agile development methods."

Special metrological applications and the programming of simple measuring sequences in interaction with modern 3D measuring systems are our strength. We develop individual and smart software solutions from software-supported form and position tolerance, to the classic steel industry and the automotive industry. This includes the classic desktop application as well as centralized client-server applications with modern web technology! Finding optimal and economical solutions for your individual measuring task is one of our strengths. We would be happy to work with you in an initial workshop to create a measurement concept and carry out an initial requirements analysis.

Contract development

The continuous casting plant supplier SMS Siemag has been relying on sigma3D's measuring competence for the alignment of steel mill components for years. From this cooperation the idea was born to create a user-friendly software for the steel mill personnel at the end customers of SMS Siemag.

The correct alignment of moulds and segments has a great influence on the quality of the slab. Alignment errors of a few tenths of a millimetre can lead to quality defects or malfunctions in critical areas. The measurement objects in this working area are usually very large, unwieldy and difficult to see. The laser tracker is predestined for these high demands on measuring accuracy and volume. It is a universal measuring tool with an extensive range of functions that requires well-founded specialist knowledge to be fully mastered. With the standard software of the laser tracker the measuring tasks of the alignment of moulds and segments are difficult and only accessible to qualified personnel. The measurements are also associated with many conversions of measured values. As an example, only the determination of possible lining plate thicknesses should be mentioned here. These general conditions prompted SMS Siemag to develop its own measurement concept, which - with the laser tracker in focus - covers the following objectives:

  • Increase accuracy and reliability
  • Simplify and shorten the measuring process
  • a continuous computer-aided measuring process
  • universally applicable in the complete plant
  • Time and material savings in the workshop


Because the alignment work is supported by specially developed software, this task can be performed by the plant operator himself after a short training period. The entire measuring and alignment process is significantly more error-tolerant. In addition, human error possibilities are considerably reduced. With the previous measuring methods, a large number of additional error influences occurred during the alignment of the segments within the segment alignment stands. These can be reduced to a minimum by using the software and the laser tracker.

A specialist for the production of large steel pipes based in Germany produces longitudinally welded, thick-walled steel pipes for pipeline construction. To check these tubes, both tube ends are measured using laser trackers in order to document compliance with the manufacturing tolerances.

Therefore the company sigma3D GmbH developed the software TubeSoft, which is able to control the FARO Laser Tracker ION and Vantage and guides the user through a clearly defined measuring process. The elements to be measured or calculated are defined by a default file. TubeSoft reads the default file and guides the user through the measurement procedure defined in the default file. Finally, TubeSoft creates a result file with all measured values as well as the parameters required by the specification file.

In addition, TubeSoft includes an expert mode that allows numerous settings (such as tracker type, exchange folder, measurement step sequence, etc.) to be password protected.

For a well-known manufacturer of industrial robots, modules for the control of the measuring devices for the measurement of absolute robots were provided. For automatic robot measurement with Laser Tracker, at least three reflectors must be measured using the camera function of the tracker. The approximate position of the reflectors is known from the robot position and the tool to be measured (+- 50mm). The xyz position with respect to the tracker coordinate system is to be returned as the result for each reflector.

For verification, a reflector is dynamically measured during robot movement and compared with the target values.

For this purpose sigma3D GmbH implemented the predefined sensor interface for the Faro Laser Tracker Vantage. The interface is implemented under C# (Framework 3.5). In addition, the implementation is secured with unit tests (MSTest).

SMS group GmbH develops with sigma3D

The HD LASr software enables precise adjustments and documentation by means of laser tracker technology in the field of continuous casting plants.

For industrial surveying, we offer our own software for a wide variety of applications.