Messungen im s3D-Messlabor - taktil und optisch

Inhouse components measurement

In-house metrology for small to medium components

Would you rather send us your measurement objects? No problem...

In addition to on-site measurements at the customer's premises, we also offer contract measurements in our own measurement laboratory. Particularly for small to medium component sizes, customers make use of our wide range of options for optical and tactile in-house measurement.

The result is a meaningful measurement protocol or a CAD data set that can be used in your own CAD software.


In order to "secure" the quality, we carry out an investigation between your real product and the CAD reference object.

The 3D scan is aligned according to your specifications (e.g. via references, RPS points or bestfit) and any dimensions are compared.

Deviation analysis is the fastest quality control method that compares the 3D scan with existing CAD data. The false color comparison shows the deviations in size and shape from the theoretical data set.

The 3D scan describes the entire surface of your component so that you can change the alignment at any time and thus open up the possibility for further analyses and evaluations.

  • Alignment and data comparison area-wide for the entire object
  • Nominal/actual comparison of sections, form elements and discrete points
  • Initial sample test report (EMPB)
  • Evaluation according to DIN EN ISO 1101 - GPS - Geometric Product Specification
  • Characteristic check according to shape and position from drawing
  • Virtual assembly of assemblies
  • Evaluation of machining allowances and wall thicknesses
  • Statistical process control / analysis of variance
  • Presentation of results in analogue and digital form


Your original component as a CAD model.

  • Complete recording of the original component
  • parametric structure of a 3D CAD solid
  • New design of individual parts on the basis of measurement data
  • Reverse engineering of free-form surfaces (surface and solid models from NURBS)
  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) (simulation models - DMU, FEM, CFD, CAM)

For the fast creation of 3D data, the polygon mesh is the direct and currently fastest way to make digitized models available for further processing. We scan your object and deliver the 3D data - depending on customer requirements - as cut data, STL data or point clouds.

  • waterproof polygonal model for 3D printing
  • Data basis for rapid product development
  • Control data for CNC systems.
  • Design: Design of new models
  • Art and Culture: Documentation, Restoration and Reproduction of Cultural Assets
  • Redesign of classic car parts

In contrast to DAkkS calibration, we offer standard calibrations in our measurement laboratory, taking into account the metrological principles. The traceability to national standards is guaranteed directly or indirectly.

Advantages of a Factory Calibration:

  • fast
  • inexpensive
  • efficiently


ISO standard applied: ISO 9001 (quality management)

We would be pleased to inform you about our possibilities and the advantages of 3D measurement services in one of our laboratories in a personal conversation. We are looking forward to your interest.