Stahlindustrie - Stranggießanlage. Ingenieur steht auf Rollenteppich.

Steel Industry

Innovation begins with steel.

Continuous casting stands for a continuous process in industrial steel production, in which liquid metal is cast into a continuous strand. Exact strand guidance is provided by roller groups, which are arranged in different geometric configurations depending on the type of plant. Especially for high-quality products (such as slabs), the geometrically precise arrangement of the rollers in the plant is indispensable. The smallest deviations lead to cost-intensive misproductions.


  • Measurement of continuous casting plants
  • Chill mould measurement
  • Segment measurement
  • Measurement of segment transitions
  • Measurement of the roller carpet
  • Calibrating support and rolling stands
  • Measurement of individual plant components

The decisive factor for sigma3D's success in this segment is the experience and competence of its employees, who optimally meet the requirements by using and combining the right technology.