Maschinenbau - Pressenvermessung. Lasertracker Tastkugel tastet Führungszylinder.

Mechanical Engineering

We look closely at production machines and tools.

The high level of mechanical engineering increasingly requires developers and engineers to rely on consistent and performance-oriented quality assurance instruments during the course of production. The guarantee of precision ex works is an essential feature. By using our mobile 3D measuring technology, we improve the efficiency and quality of your complex machines. Our experienced measuring staff ensures the necessary safety within the specified mechanical processes by means of direct on-site testing. Every single production step is documented on this basis - in the interests of the producer and his customer.

  • Construction of machines and plants
  • Acceptance measurements
  • Documentation of the actual status
  • Monitoring measurements in the manufacturing process
  • Calibration of machine tools
  • 6D Positioning of machine components
  • Introduction of laser-supported measurement/evaluation methods
  • Control and adjustment on special machines
  • Press measurement
  • Roller measurement
  • Setting up mobile processing machines
  • Fine optimization and adjustment of plant components

With sigma3D you rely on an experienced and qualified measurement service provider, which today ranks among the TOP 5 companies in the industry. The modern and flexible 3D measuring technology as well as the qualified measuring personnel ensure fast and precise facts at the place of your production.