Umwelt und Kraftwerktechnik. Blick in eine Wasservergütungsanlage (Quette)

Environmental and Power Plant Technology

Looking through.
Our work ensures efficiency and sustainability.

Power plants, refineries and drilling rigs are complex structures that combine long-term operation and efficiency. The multitude of pipeline systems, complex sequences and processed high-performance materials have different susceptibilities, which should be subject to regular quality assurance. The recording documentation of the actual state plays a superordinate role. It not only ensures that the service life of the plant is extended, but also forms the basis for changes in power plant technology. Our mobile measuring technology offers you precise 3D data, which can be entered directly into a CAD system for further processing. Avoid long downtimes and use our measurement analyses to reduce construction times in power plant construction.

  • 3D Plant Documentation/As-built Documentation
  • Maintenance measurements
  • Adjustment of plant components
  • Process optimization of measurement processes
  • Replacement of turbines
  • Axial alignment measurements
  • Determination of process parameters

sigma3D offers experienced know-how for compliance with quality standards. The balanced relationship between the customer's economic efficiency and security of supply through technology and skilled personnel are the pillars of a trusting cooperation.